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Alessandro Ardovini (Aless) is a daoist, eclectic, feminist, permaculturalist, writer, cinephile, solarpunk, animal rights activist and digital craftsman. He has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature.
He holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and since 2011 he teaches permaculture and sociocracy.

He is a co-founder of several permaculture groups and networks in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe, a diploma tutor at the Permacultura Ibera Academy, a working member of the Nordic Permaculture Academy and an active member of other international permaculture organizations.

He is trained in NonViolent Communication and Biocyclic Humus Soil production and management.


Ester Galeote Nadal is a science and animal rights educator. Since childhood she always felt a deep connection with animals and as a teenager she created a strong bond with Lucas, a duckling that lived with her for a few weeks. This changed forever her world view and the way she understands every individual life as inherently valuable.

She has a degree in biology, a master’s in scientific translation and is trained in NonViolent Communication. She has worked for 18 years in science education and has taught in several Permaculture Design Courses and has run introduction workshops on NonViolent Communication.

She is also interested in Eastern philosophies, especially Buddhism and Vedanta and she has studied Zen meditation (zazen) with a master in the linage of Taisen Deshimaru.